Sharing Knowledge and Insight

Judge Parker is an engaged legal scholar who frequently serves as a panelist, makes presentations on legal topics, and publishes articles on a variety of subjects related to legal issues and trial practices. A selected list of publications and presentations is below.

  • How to Qualify and Disqualify Expert Witnesses, paper and presentation at STATE BAR OF TEXAS WINNING YOUR CASE BEFORE TRIAL SEMINAR, January, 2016
  • Ten Tips from a Trial Judge on Daubert/Robinson Challenges and Hearings, paper and presentation at STATE BAR OF TEXAS ADVANCED MEDICAL MALPRACTICE SEMINAR, March 2015 and 2013
  • How Social Media Affects Lawyers, Judges, and Juries: Tips to Avoid Disaster, presented at STATE BAR OF TEXAS WEBCAST (moderated by Robert Tobey, Esq.), December 2013
  • Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Expert Witnesses, paper and presentation at TEXAS CENTER FOR THE JUDICIARY’S COLLEGE FOR JUDICIAL STUDIES, April 2013
  • Know Thy Trial Judge, presented at TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF DEFENSE COUNSEL TRIAL ACADEMY, April 2013
  • Voir Dire Demonstration & Seminar, presented at JLTLA TRIAL ADVOCACY PROGRAM, February 2010
  • Employment Torts Update, presented at UH ADVANCED EMPLOYMENT LAW CLE SEMINAR, May 2009
  • Inclusion: The Older and Better Looking Sister of Diversity, ethics CLE presented to NORTH TEXAS PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION, June 2008
  • Professionalism in the Courtroom, ethics CLE presented to DALLAS BAR ASSOCIATION, April 2008 (panelist with several state and federal court judges)
  • Texas Insurance Law Update and Proposed Legislation, presented to LIBERTY MUTUAL LEGAL SERVICES AND CLAIMS DEPT., June 2007
  • Sticks and Stones Can Break Your Bones But Words May Get You Sued: Business Defamation and Disparagement Claims, presented at WOMEN THAT SOAR SMALL BUSINESS LUNCHEON, August 2003
  • Public Construction Contracts in Texas, presented at DFW AIRPORT’S TENTH ANNUAL SMALL CONTRACTORS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP, February 2002 (with H. Ron White)
  • What Your Employees Know Can Hurt You: Use A Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement to Protect Trade Secrets, DALLAS BUSINESS JOURNAL, June 15, 2001
  • What Your Employees Know Can Hurt You!, WWW.LAW.COM, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW PRACTICE CENTER, April 18, 2001 
  • The Franchise Enterprise: Investigate Before You Invest, MINORITY OPPORTUNITY NEWS, September 2000
  • All Rise!: Reflections on My First Jury Trial, THE DICTA, July 2000
  • Student-Athlete Sexual Violence Against Women: Defining the Limits of Institutional Responsibility, WASHINGTON & LEE LAW REVIEW, Vol. 55, No. 1, Winter 1998 (with Timothy Davis)